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For a Quality Reliable Service

We Do it All, we take the stress out of moving!

Inspection coming up? We also do pre-inspection cleans

Our Vacate cleans include:

  • All floors vacuumed thoroughly
  • All hard floors moped clean
  • All inside windows and window tracks cleaned
  • Kitchen cupboards wiped clean inside & out
  • Kitchen hot plates & ceiling fan cleaned
  • Oven cleaned
  • Kitchen benches cleaned, sink & taps cleaned and polished
  • Bathrooms cleaned & Sanitized, Cupboards wiped clean inside & out
  • Shower & bath cleaned, exhaust fan cleaned, mirrors cleaned
  • Toilet cleaned & sanitized, exhaust fan cleaned
  • All inside cobwebs removed
  • Doors & surrounds wiped cleaned
  • Light/power switches & surrounds wiped cleaned
  • Laundry bench, cupboards & trough cleaned
  • Vacate cleaning Elmslie St Perth WA


  • Walls Cleaned
  • Carpets Cleaned
  • Grout cleaned
  • High pressure water clean; Driveway, garage, patio, carports
  • External windows cleaned
  • External cobwebs removed
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Yard Clean-up's
  • Vacate cleaning Elmslie St Perth WA

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We use Environmentally Friendly products, Are Fully Insured and all Staff have Police Clearance and are the best company in vacate cleaning Elmslie St Perth WA. Vacate cleaning is a compulsory service for any residential or commercial complex when there is a handover from party to another. Vacate cleaning Elmslie St Perth WA, from Spic n span is full proof and gives a new look and feel to the vacated place.

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